Adv wk3 b.log

Week three advanced

I realised that when we talk about splitting the projects into three weeks each and that there are six projects to complete in two terms, that the project times included block weeks.  Kinda sad about that, I really enjoy block weeks in print-making.
I am still in the process project (1 of 6).  Having trouble knowing what to do with the verbs.  I mean I know exactly what to do, but I need to keep them inside of parameters for myself…  I honestly don’t want to just do the bare minimum of the exercises, get it ticked off, not really push myself beyond what is required… I feel like I need to make things grand, even though I do that in the last half of the diploma.

Tomorrow is Thursday, in which I get to meet with my mentor again. Hoping to discuss what I have been doing, if it is on track, and then the next project – Materiality.
Really just want to be confident enough to just tackle the projects without feeling I need someone to get me back on track.ljgclc

Feeling like although I do want to do really interesting things with the process project, I want to keep it to one verb but that becomes really boring?  Can I add one or two processes to the material?

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