Welcome to the last three weeks of the School Year

And your TLC life!

I have found this blog as much used as my diary – weeks, even months of blank spaces.
I tried, really hard, to be that wank speaking, high browed arty know-it-all with a low brow spite.  But, who knew that Seasonal Anxiety Disorder would beat the shit out of me so badly this year.  I feel like it has actually affected many others as well.  So there I have my silent kindred humes who potter on.  Perhaps they also had the optimism to see that this was going to be temporary, summer was coming to melt away that awful black ice.  And the only thing to do was to keep on going through hell until the exit loomed.  At least with what you could work on could come with you through it.

Self Portrait with Tiki.  “Trying to appease the ‘White’ Gods”… 2016

I think, during the down period that I had this year, as a way to help me deal with the blues, I finally employed my newly honed illustrative skills.  And I feel it was successful.

Although my printmaking and Advanced goals suffered quite a bit, I am very greatful for the support that I received from my Mentor for allowing me to pursue other objectives while in the TLC Advanced program.  I know for a surety that I wouldnt have been able to express myself fully through the processes that I was newly exploring and developing this year.  The sadness, inner grief and down-right non-bipolar split-emotional states I was washing through.  I feel more together now, but it was really interesting for me to explore what it was like to be… separate.  To not feel like my logical side was one with my emotional side.  Like the emotions in me were overwhelming me in its attempt to save me from the world.  Like I had no balance.

When Metallica was the only thing that make me feel – “Normal”.  Logic and Emotion listening to music to kill the white noise – while texting to stay in communication..

The days I managed to be at school I did make some prints.  I can say that yes, I do have enough work this year to make a decent exhibition for the TLC End of Term Exhibition Advanced 2016 Term 4.  But do I feel like I deserve it, given the month or two that I couldnt save myself from myself?  No.  I really dont.

Now that I am reasonably mentally balanced again, and back to focussing again on Advanced, I feel almost disjointed and removed from what I had created earlier on in the year.  What did it all mean to me back then?  Even though I knew it still had little verbal meaning to me – it was simply a exploration of what interested me enough to do for Advanced.  I want to give it words though.  It deserves that life.


Adv wk6 b.log

Monday 14th
Feeling sidetracked and not 100% focused on Advanced.  Not reading like I thought I would.  Today I helped Grace clear out the advanced room in preparation for her pop-up exhibition.  As I swept I realised it was a form of Horizontality – with the dust.  It could be really interesting.  What would I use?  I want colorful – honestly.  But.  What material? Glitter? = Environmentally bad.  Coloured paper sanded… Coloured… Ceramics?  Paper cut like gem shapes.
Ideas… Long paper strips…

Bumped into another mentor.  Said I was doing good things – actually he pulled me back on track.. I didnt even say I was off track and he just yanks me back on.  In hot arts I was trying to go for a end product that was already in my mind.  I admit the materials I wanted to work with was not familiar to me, or the process.  Therefore I was gettting bogged down in the doing and how do I get there.  Then the mentor said (and another tutor who popped in with his thoughts) just go back to process! What can you do to this material , say, untill it breaks?  What does it do along the way?? Burn it? Etc.  well, I needed that.
Said “You’re humming kiddo”.
Its nice to think he likes what I’m up to.
I like what I’m doing too.

I still read these readings a little cross eyed and annoyed.  I mentally ranted to myself before sleeping – “If they insist on bloody well ripping off texts and hodge-podge compiling it into a book then dont fucking bother with printing it into a well bound and consistently shaped (A4) book.  Be honest and collage the damn thing with various paper sizes- you are forcing me to read tiny text to large text to rotating to having a piss poor image to reference from.  Just dont even bother!”


Adv wk5 b.log

Friday 11 March
So far:::::: Monday was more faffing about, I’m not enjoying the process of putting my chopped up dowel sticks together.  Have to think more of better ways.  Its tedious = GTFO.  Tuesday – spent the day making units and torn paper strips.  I did some more reading of shapiro’s “on some problems in the semiotics of visual art”…
That is so annoying to read – like trying to get away from someone who wont stop talking!  Pure waffle, but I’m sure well meant.  Except I got completely lost as to what the hell anything he was saying had to do with Materiality.  Only one thing popped out to me and that was the size of an object: big for giving it grandeur an tiny for intimacy.
I get that  so I complained to my mentor – what does it have to do with materiality!!
He said initially it was the surface.  How annoying.  Pages of small text just about the surface.  No wonder I was lost/lost interest.  The next reading at least made some sense ( Notes for the well lettered).   Dubuffet.

Adv wk4 blo.g

Friday March 4

End of week 4, which is the end of the first week of Materiality.
There have been a few things which I mean to complete, such as the closure of the Tumblr page that I began.  I had forgotten about my old wordpress account, and honestly.  I’m put off Tumblr.  I feel like there are groups of people that have given it a bad name.
I have just installed Dropbox to this laptop and my phone so now I can quickly dump photos to that as soon as I’m done. Plus my Mentor can easily take the photos from that at any time.  Even share what he snaps back.
Readings – well… I just haven’t been in that frame of mind to read them, but will do so.  Not hard.  At least its not R. Krauss.
I’m not sure that I wrote a blog entry last week?  And I have finished my to-do list.  I will print that up and stick it to my corner in the “advanced” room.  Really grateful we have a room dedicated to us.

Last week I happily wrapped up the process project with Aaron in our Thursday Mentor Meeting.  It just seemed like a hammer to my usual way of working – just doing something so simple was kinda hard at first.  I wanted to do so many processes/verbs but that is just… Not getting the point.  I get it in the end – even though really I had only given the project a weeks thought – the rest was spent on the mural project, reading, trying to get over my frustration at the sudden alieness of this whole program, organising my thoughts around it and many moments of … Being lost.  I suppose confusion.  I was lost as to what to do, where to begin, how to spend my time on it, what material, what to do to it etc… etc etc.
Thankfully, I just started, somewhere.  And I got somewhere. I think.  At least I am no longer frustrated at this program.
Its a relief its over – and my mentor/sensei is very pleased with the results and my articulation of my findings and view.
This week he was really excited by my strip-paper origami.  As am I, my younger self from Auckland would be overjoyed to see me doing massive Chinese lucky stars in giant paper strips.  I do also plan on doing sonobe units (for modular origami) out of the brown paper and the huge white paper roll that I purchased last week at Timbrel.  It was the end of a roll but for $20 its heaps.  Approximately 130gsm, just heavier than photocopier paper.  Still seems to be of a ‘cartridge’ feel to the paper.  I think that I will have to be a regular customer of Terry, such a generous man.  If I could do websites I think I would do up his website for some more free rolls, even a dive through the offcuts bin.  God that was fun last year.

So the thought is that the paper strips holding loosely some knots (loosely so as to not create folds in the paper) has the appearance of material (ribbon and rope).  Paper is not usually thought of as holding knots, not in western culture I would think.
As easy as it seems to me the part of doing the folding and the knots, even in paper 1m wide, its the tying of it back into print making that I am worried about. I’m not entirely sure if I want to just roll stamps or rollers filled with ink just to say it is part of printmaking. Perhaps a mono print on flattened origami units could work out.
Wood-cut prints?
Paper like fabric prints?


Also, origami dipped into ceramic slip and then fired…
I will actually try plaster first to see how it re-acts and if it holds up.  I will need to have a good yarn with the ceramics teacher too.  Hopefully this doesn’t get expensive for me.
Which is another thought – can I get someone else to pay for these projects for me? Is there a gallery who would purchase these from me? I’m doing badly so far as an artist to pay back my current patron – I wanted to do illustrations for the mokopuna but so far my heart hasn’t been in it.  I don’t want to give work that doesn’t have all my attention in it.  Some day I will send something back that will be amazing – and hopefully make them money! Forever you have my gratitude.
But still, i need sponsors to help me achieve bigger projects that don’t bank-rupt me.  And I know that there are ways to get funded, how do I get in the game?

The readings group we have on Thursdays was interesting, I hadn’t done the reading so was a bit lost.  I felt like I should have said more.  There was talk about frames – how it was a later invention – a way to focus the viewer.  But before there was only the edge of the paper and the paper size was made out of something to do with vellum.  But something else too was said that was important to me – such as “fitness for purpose”.  The size of the paper was not too big and not too small and was easily transportable.   I cant recall it now but it is something I agreed with.

Anyhow, today – I dumpster dive the recycling bin.  I want to use the used brown paper instead of the new brown paper for my prototypes.  Here we go!

Reblog. Re:Artist Apropriation – where its appropriate?

It seems sad to sue for using an image where it was used for good. Perhaps some attribution is warranted for, but must I suddenly contact everyone for taking a photo of a lamp post? “I photographed your craftsmanship”… Interesting to think about

Thought process began here while searching for printmaking and sculpture


Adv wk4 bl.og

So school got shut down mid-way today.  Spent the morning finishing off my to-do list.  looking good.  Not sure what pipe burst today – was it “baby rats” every where…  Hitched a ride with a few to the central library and had a good poke through a book –

!Notes! on ‘When art meets craft’, and thoughts. (Michael Petry’s ‘The art of not making’).
A return to highly crafted aesthetic n art – (as opposed to less because of ‘60’s pop/mass production??) (Conceptualism has had its day).  A return to the beautifully designed demonstrating high skill , technological improvements.  There is a general view that the artist creates alone, personally creates unique piece b hand as expression of own genius – well it no longer applies  there are artists that now direct crafters very much like a movie director. Artist/Artisan?  Art from craft.  Is it needed? Where is art and where is artist? Partial to full subcontracting. Even to appropriating art! Objects! Historically artists have used likes of assistants, foundries, factories.  Then is it art  or craft like printing glicee prints).  Artists generally ignore questions and the why of making and just make – Duchamps challenge/confronting of art objects and craft, personally hand made is employing for production  dadaist journal “the blind man – artist CHOSE it etc….  Elevation..  Nominalisation: Concept that art becomes art when an artist names it as such.  DUCHAMP! IDEA, not the product of skill, was the art from craft to intellectual interpretation.  ABSTRACT, sometimes described as anti-art-works.  ‘elevating the artist’.

Revelatory, I’ve never thought about this before.  Its like looking behind the curtain of a staged play and finally seeing more of the workings.

Adv wk4 b.log

Advanced.  Thoughts 29 Feb

So far so good.  Feeling not so crazy/angry.  Am not quite sticking to schedule of readings.  Need to print out m ‘LVL 7 TO-DO LIST’.  And tick off as I go  may even add expected goal end dates. But, am confused and lost as to what I want to do.  I am very glad to have been in Dennis’es class today – super helpful in offering ideas on how to join my pieces.  Super practical  i want to make throwing knives and axes too. I’ve already put my pieces up on the wall in Adv.  Need to move them back to my area.  Need to keep on top of making lunch for myself.  Super good and useful.
Also, actually have to keep better track of my hours – even for life-drawing.  Have to let Mentor know.


TLC stone cutting room

I am in the process of moving from Tumblr to wordpress.
And need to start a drop box account (dump images).
And dress nice.

Adv wk3 b.log

Week three advanced

I realised that when we talk about splitting the projects into three weeks each and that there are six projects to complete in two terms, that the project times included block weeks.  Kinda sad about that, I really enjoy block weeks in print-making.
I am still in the process project (1 of 6).  Having trouble knowing what to do with the verbs.  I mean I know exactly what to do, but I need to keep them inside of parameters for myself…  I honestly don’t want to just do the bare minimum of the exercises, get it ticked off, not really push myself beyond what is required… I feel like I need to make things grand, even though I do that in the last half of the diploma.

Tomorrow is Thursday, in which I get to meet with my mentor again. Hoping to discuss what I have been doing, if it is on track, and then the next project – Materiality.
Really just want to be confident enough to just tackle the projects without feeling I need someone to get me back on track.ljgclc

Feeling like although I do want to do really interesting things with the process project, I want to keep it to one verb but that becomes really boring?  Can I add one or two processes to the material?