Adv wk6 b.log

Monday 14th
Feeling sidetracked and not 100% focused on Advanced.  Not reading like I thought I would.  Today I helped Grace clear out the advanced room in preparation for her pop-up exhibition.  As I swept I realised it was a form of Horizontality – with the dust.  It could be really interesting.  What would I use?  I want colorful – honestly.  But.  What material? Glitter? = Environmentally bad.  Coloured paper sanded… Coloured… Ceramics?  Paper cut like gem shapes.
Ideas… Long paper strips…

Bumped into another mentor.  Said I was doing good things – actually he pulled me back on track.. I didnt even say I was off track and he just yanks me back on.  In hot arts I was trying to go for a end product that was already in my mind.  I admit the materials I wanted to work with was not familiar to me, or the process.  Therefore I was gettting bogged down in the doing and how do I get there.  Then the mentor said (and another tutor who popped in with his thoughts) just go back to process! What can you do to this material , say, untill it breaks?  What does it do along the way?? Burn it? Etc.  well, I needed that.
Said “You’re humming kiddo”.
Its nice to think he likes what I’m up to.
I like what I’m doing too.

I still read these readings a little cross eyed and annoyed.  I mentally ranted to myself before sleeping – “If they insist on bloody well ripping off texts and hodge-podge compiling it into a book then dont fucking bother with printing it into a well bound and consistently shaped (A4) book.  Be honest and collage the damn thing with various paper sizes- you are forcing me to read tiny text to large text to rotating to having a piss poor image to reference from.  Just dont even bother!”


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