Adv wk5 b.log

Friday 11 March
So far:::::: Monday was more faffing about, I’m not enjoying the process of putting my chopped up dowel sticks together.  Have to think more of better ways.  Its tedious = GTFO.  Tuesday – spent the day making units and torn paper strips.  I did some more reading of shapiro’s “on some problems in the semiotics of visual art”…
That is so annoying to read – like trying to get away from someone who wont stop talking!  Pure waffle, but I’m sure well meant.  Except I got completely lost as to what the hell anything he was saying had to do with Materiality.  Only one thing popped out to me and that was the size of an object: big for giving it grandeur an tiny for intimacy.
I get that  so I complained to my mentor – what does it have to do with materiality!!
He said initially it was the surface.  How annoying.  Pages of small text just about the surface.  No wonder I was lost/lost interest.  The next reading at least made some sense ( Notes for the well lettered).   Dubuffet.

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