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So school got shut down mid-way today.  Spent the morning finishing off my to-do list.  looking good.  Not sure what pipe burst today – was it “baby rats” every where…  Hitched a ride with a few to the central library and had a good poke through a book –

!Notes! on ‘When art meets craft’, and thoughts. (Michael Petry’s ‘The art of not making’).
A return to highly crafted aesthetic n art – (as opposed to less because of ‘60’s pop/mass production??) (Conceptualism has had its day).  A return to the beautifully designed demonstrating high skill , technological improvements.  There is a general view that the artist creates alone, personally creates unique piece b hand as expression of own genius – well it no longer applies  there are artists that now direct crafters very much like a movie director. Artist/Artisan?  Art from craft.  Is it needed? Where is art and where is artist? Partial to full subcontracting. Even to appropriating art! Objects! Historically artists have used likes of assistants, foundries, factories.  Then is it art  or craft like printing glicee prints).  Artists generally ignore questions and the why of making and just make – Duchamps challenge/confronting of art objects and craft, personally hand made is employing for production  dadaist journal “the blind man – artist CHOSE it etc….  Elevation..  Nominalisation: Concept that art becomes art when an artist names it as such.  DUCHAMP! IDEA, not the product of skill, was the art from craft to intellectual interpretation.  ABSTRACT, sometimes described as anti-art-works.  ‘elevating the artist’.

Revelatory, I’ve never thought about this before.  Its like looking behind the curtain of a staged play and finally seeing more of the workings.

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