Adv wk4 b.log

Advanced.  Thoughts 29 Feb

So far so good.  Feeling not so crazy/angry.  Am not quite sticking to schedule of readings.  Need to print out m ‘LVL 7 TO-DO LIST’.  And tick off as I go  may even add expected goal end dates. But, am confused and lost as to what I want to do.  I am very glad to have been in Dennis’es class today – super helpful in offering ideas on how to join my pieces.  Super practical  i want to make throwing knives and axes too. I’ve already put my pieces up on the wall in Adv.  Need to move them back to my area.  Need to keep on top of making lunch for myself.  Super good and useful.
Also, actually have to keep better track of my hours – even for life-drawing.  Have to let Mentor know.


TLC stone cutting room

I am in the process of moving from Tumblr to wordpress.
And need to start a drop box account (dump images).
And dress nice.

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